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21 Apr 2020
Date: 21-04-2020, 03:14 Category: EBooks

Imperium    Mech 02 The Savant   B V Larson 02
Imperium 02 Mech 02 The Savant B V Larson
epub | 288.41 KB | English | Larson, B. V. | N/A

About Imperium 02 Mech 02 The Savant B V Larson :

A new world, more aliens, and even more Mechs!

The Skaintz Imperium was eradicated from the backwater planet of Garm, but at great cost. The population of the world was decimated within weeks, and Garm will never be the same. At least humanity can breathe easily knowing that the mysterious aliens are all dead.... But are they?

Using their natural form of communication, Skaintz radio signals did chirrup and click, however briefly. Transmissions in their ancient language now spread at the speed of light in a growing sphere, reaching farther from Garm every year. In the vast oceans of nothingness between the stars unknown things float. And they listen...

MECH 2 is the story of Neu Schweitz, a planet in a system 3.2 lightyears from Garm. It's a beautiful world of snow-topped mountains, green valleys and nearly a billion humans struggling with piracy and politics. Soon, however, they will be struggling for their very lives.

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